On A Swing
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I was interupted , while sitting on a swing
beneath a star-fruit tree one warm afternoon.

I looked up just on time to see a squirrel
jump from branch to branch and finally
lost in the leafy gloom. Above me were
the whispering leaves of the star-fruit tree.

Thus interupted I took my eyes off my book
to stare around my small green world .

Green, a colour that brings me peace. It's soothing to my eyes; eyes that are over- exposed to the glare of the computers, the TV screens and the strong afternoon sunlight.

God has made greenness to bless the world.

Now more and more greenness has disappeared from our world. Concrete buildings, man -made gardens, parks and settements replace the greenness that
once roamed there.

Above me lies an expanse of pale blue sky ;
sky that we take for granted to be always there
for us, a part of our environment .

We take pride in our buildings ,gardens,
rivers, streets and our treasured possessions;
not realising that what happen everyday
around us is more wonderful than all the man
-made environment, such as rainfall, sunsets
and sunrise, the spinning of the earth around its orbit.

Each of us, regardless of race, religions or
what ever part of the world they live in can
enjoy these natural daily occurrance. They are gifts from God to be appreciated
and treasured.

God is kind to all.

Lord,I thank you for the greenness around me and the natural phenomenon.

With a smile I returned to my book.

Agatha Lai

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