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Rosary Month 07


Rosary Month
October is the month of the Holy Rosary. To start it off,
We prayed the Rosary at Our Lady’s Grotto on the first day
Of October. At first it looked as if It was going to rain but no,
 we had good weather alright.
After the rosary Fr. Yip invited us to a Holy Mass to prepare us
spiritually for this  important month.
During this month, the  rosary is  recited daily in the
church in the evenings as is customary. On  certain 
 nights the Chinese and the Bahasa Groups will
also visit families to pray the rosary with them.
Other activities include, a seminar about the rosary
 in Chinese by Fr. Yip and a retreat at  Bundu Tuhan
 by the women league.
Ag 07



Mother Mary, pray for us.

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