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Charity Outreach Activities

Secred Heart  Charity Outreach..2009

Chairman: William Wong

Vice chairman: John Voo

Secretary: Francisca Liew

As. Secretary: Pauline Chong

Treasurer : Agatha Wong


My friends and I are members of the Charity Outreach Association, Kudat . We pay a monthly visit   to out stations, to evangelise and to bring food to  poorer  folks.  Sr. Matilda comes along with us as she likes to  see her group  in action and together we could face the bumpy ride to country- side.
              Here is the description of such a trip.
" Don't forget the bags of food, " said Sr. Matildah to the laughing group.  " No, we won't . " was our reply.
As if we would !  No amount  of cheerful voices ,  nice words could  replace those two big plastic bags of food ; consisting of a bag of rice ( 10 kilo in weight ),  two bags of sugar, a few tin food, a whole roll of bee fun ( fine noodle ), a few  bags of flour , a few bottles of cooking oil and sometimes a dozen of maggy mee.
We were to  visit 6 families this trip,  carrying the bags of food from the back of the  land-cruiser,  climbing up creaky  stairs ; knock, knock !   " Hello, anyone at home ? "
Usually before we had a chance to play " visitors from outer space " , the folk  were  already  at the door, smiling,  greeting us and helping us to carry the loaded bags.  Mind you, even children, older women folk are stronger than us. The weight is
nothing to them, but  quantity is.
We sighed a sigh of relief when the heavy bags were taken away. Our attention was  immediately caught by   some bushes of  flowers. We  searched for   seeds old enough  for planting, at the same time eyed their maze corns crops across
 the fields, wondering if they were sweet enough to pluck . Folks at home love freshly plucked  indian corns. For a few ringgit, you can get a bag full.
We were then  invited to climb the stairs and look round  the simple abode.
The sitting room ( on the left of  the picture) is airy, and we could see outside  through  the bamboo strips . No windows are neccessary.  The kitchen is  a few steps lower than the main house. A large stove for firewood cooking is in the middle
 of the kitchen. At the side is a small pile of firewood. There was a pot on top of the
 grills and  smouldering pieces of wood on the cement  floor of the stove.
The bed rooms are smaller and have no furniture apart from  a  few mats and pillows or an old mattress rolled up. Yet the occupants sleep  their 
 dreamless  sleep till dawn.
This bamboo house belongs to a Rungus household, built some forty years ago. Later on ,  the government built  long houses, where some ten over families  stay under the same  roof.
A long house is made of planks with zinc roof. All modern facilities can be found there, such as water supply, electricity supply, sockets and etc. Most  families have their own TV, refrigerators, and modern fruniture.
We only give food supply to poor families here, regardless of race and  religions. That is the aim of the Charity Outreach Association, Kudat.
When the bags of food are delivered, our land cruser made  its journey home carrying a happy singing group.
by  Agatha Lai

Monthly visit



We sadly miss this old lady who died at the age of 92.
She was very cheerful and a good talker.
She was  always  happy to see us and to pray
and chat with us.

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