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Kudat Youth Day


The arrival of Kota Marudu youth carrying the Youth Cross. A bus carrying hundred over youths followed behind.

Kudat Youth Day.

Theme : We want to see Christ

On 26th  June, 2004   parishioners of Kudat celebrated  the " Three in One Occasion : the Eucharistic Congress,  Bishop  John Lee's 17th episcopals ordination and anniversary  and  St.Peter and Paul's day. On 3rd July ,  the SYD  Cross from Kota Marudu arrived in Kudat.

Kudat youths together with parents and  parishioners were waiting at the gate when the group  from Kota Marudu arrived with the Youth Cross. They were greeted by sounds
of gongs,  sumajau dancers and faithful carrying banners .
 At 6 pm all faithful entered the church
bearing the cross to begin the Holy Mass.

Rasimi Linggang of St. Theresa , Kota Maruduin in her  sharing thanked the youths of St. Peter for the warm welcome. She continued to say that she experienced joy in Christ during the week the Youth Cross was in her
 church. She said the cross to her is no longer
a cross of suffering but a cross of victory for through the  cross we get to know Christ. She concluded by inviting all the youths present to follow Christ. "  Come let's follow Christ! " said this youth.

In his address to the congregation, Father Tobias Chi 
expressed his happiness to see so  many youths under
one roof at the same time to worship God. He  said it is
through the cross that we can be saved and urged the
 congregation to spread the good news  to non- christians.

After the homily , the faithful venerated the Cross. When
the Holy Mass was over, the faithful   proceeded   to
 St.Peter Hall for  dinner. After dinner, the youths from
 Kota Marudu made their journey home.

The Reconcillation Night was on 4th July. After Sister
 Emey read a well written text on reconcilation,  those
present proceeded to pray near the Youth Cross in dim light .
Then came the beautiful and meaningful part of the
evening when everyone started to ask for
forgiveness from each other while holding a
lit candle. Christ was really present then in everyone.

On 5th July 2004, the cross was brought  to Tajau and
 on 7th July to  Taipa . On 9th it finally came back to
St. Peter and on 10th  July it would be brought
 to Buntu Tuhan.

Agatha Lai.


            Kudat youth carrying the Youth Cross into the church.


    Father Tobias Chi hang a piece of white cloth over the Youth Cross.

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