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Who Is He

Who are You ? 


Epha  followed him  into the village.

This  man  gave them  food ;  told them stories.

He  made the blind see and raised the dead  to life.

 He had  shining eyes and eloquent lips.


Some said he was  John the baptist.

 Some said he was Elijah, the prophet.


To this boy  he's  the  man who gave them  fish and bread.

That day he was well fed; that day  he was not hungry.

And Beth  who stayed at home was envious;

To be well fed ! To eat fish and bread!


 Epah  followed wherever  the bright- eyed man went,

Trees  spoke his name; hills whispered," Here he comes,

the one  fortold, the chosen one to lead the flock."


 A fisherman said,  " You are Christ, Son of the living God."


Then bright-eyed man  said, " Simon,  you are Peter,

 on this rock  I will build the church."


At home,  Epah's mother asked him,

 " Where have you been ?"

Said Epah , " I followed Christ, the Son of God around.

He is going to build his church on a rock called Peter. "




Do you follow Him  like a simple boy ?

Are you going to let him build His church on you?

Are you a rock, a follower or a weed

among the briars that grow not ?


Agatha Lai


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